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October 21, 2012

week 42.

Sunday, October 14th
We're all about recycling old items in the Almeida house... so when I begged Luis to replace the nasty rusted shampoo holder in the shower for a newer, less rusty version, it promptly went to the balcony outside to be recycled with the glass/metal objects. We have a pretty bad habit of letting our recycling sit outside forEVER before taking it across the street to the recycling bins, so this thing sat out there for a good 2 months, even after we had taken the recycling, we forgot it! One day I discovered this fabulous organizing system for potatoes/fruit, and after finding them at the hardware store for 7€ a piece (no dice!), we decided we didn't really need our potatoes and outside of bags or off the pantry floor. Until, that is, I got the brilliant idea that perhaps we could de-rust the shower caddy and nail it to the wall.  (Amazing how much rust comes right off with a little scrubbing!) And look at that! New uses for old things, Almeida style!

 Monday, October 15th
I was amazed by the stunning sunrise this morning…

Tuesday, October 16th
Latest discovery from our local German grocery store, Lidl -- windmilll cookies! I grew up with a [slightly more bland] version of these cookies, and they are so delicious! I got all nostalgic seeing them here... 

 Wednesday, October 17th
Putting some finishing touches on this today – it’s a banner for an Powerchair Football (i.e., wheelchair soccer) event we are hosting in two weeks. The “theme” of the week is “Train. Play. Experience.” – can you guess what made the tire tracks??

Thursday, October 18th
Hello, gorgeous...

Friday, October 19th
New favorite photo!

Saturday, October 20th
We had a work meeting in Coimbra this morning, so as long as we were out and about, we decided to stop at a little local market to get some fresh veggies. Look who I found crawling around on the kitchen counter after I unloaded all the veggies! (Paperclip is there just to reference his size!)


  1. Love the photos, those German cookies and your clever re-use!

  2. I'm curious as to what made the tire tracks! Love your new favorite picture!!

  3. It was a wheelchair, of course! :)