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October 7, 2012

week 40.

Sunday, September 30th
We took our Powerchair Football team to a disabled sports day run by an organization in Lisbon today, and I got to ride this great adapted hand-bike with my dear friend Adelaide! I would like to send out a personal thank-you to the lady who took this photo, who so kindly cut off the front wheel, which showed how the bike operated with the hand controls instead of pedals. Awesome.

Monday, October 1st
A beautiful blue (and slightly foggy) morning sky to welcome us into October, but the forecast says 75 and sunny for today. You won't hear me complaining about that forecast!

Tuesday, October 2nd
Had to pick something up at the mall tonight and decided that sundaes were also necessary. I can't remember the last time I had one... delish!

Wednesday, October 3rd
Our choir headed down to Lisbon tonight to sing at a prestigious Samsung product launch event. You're looking at the first choir to ever sing with tablets, and the first tablets to ever have an application using digital sheet music!

Thursday, October 4th
Last night, 4 new "sisters" arrived to add to our ever-growing volunteer "family"!  Meet Sonia (Spain), Palmira (Italy), Vilma (Lithuania), and Noémi (Hungary), who will be with us until April! Welcome to APCC, ladies!

Friday, October 5th
Happy Portuguese Republic Day to us! We didn't have to work today, so I spent the day organizing tax forms, responding to emails, unsubscribing to a lot of ridiculous American email lists that I am still on, and turned 977 unread e-mails into 603 after 4 hours. In the afternoon I worked on some to-do items on my Power Soccer Tournament list, as we have a big week-long international event coming soon!  Oh, and I made peanut butter cookies, which was the only thing worthy of taking a photo of today!

Saturday, October 6th
Luis brought back some lovely grapes from his family's vindima (traditional, seasonal grape harvest) -- they are gigantic and so, so delicious!

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