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February 22, 2011


Disclaimer:  please excuse my/our absence.  I have enrolled in an intensive Portuguese course.  Those who have ever studied a second language, or any intensive course for that matter, know that "intensive" and "creative free time to blog" don't really fit in the same sentence together.  I have, though, been storing up plenty of photos to share with you about our European escapades... we'll just have to work backwards for a while.  [End disclaimer].

Today is February 22nd and officially marks the 6th month of our wonderful marriage!  I do adore just about any opportunity to celebrate anything, so imagine how thrilled I was when Luis Miguel arrived home with this:

Microwave popcorn and a movie!  I was dreading the night of checking things off the house to-do list and studying Portuguese verbs... and now I was easily able to put those things aside and relax.  Considering that the Portuguese almost always eat their popcorn sweet (not really kettle corn, but close) and I don't really care for it, it was even more thoughtful of my hubs to get a box of salty AND and a box of sweet!  Now that's love!  We want to save all of our pennies to travel, so our new favorite thing in using the DVD vendor across the street from Luis's clinic and staying in.  (Not quite the RedBox, but close!  Ok not really.  But at least we don't have to use the regular store that closes ridiculously early.)

We could never have imagined that marriage -- the trust, the commitment, and so much more -- would be so very fulfilling and bring us such joy.  It may sound trite on a page, but especially after being across an ocean for 3 years, we find that being under the same roof all the time is the greatest decision we have ever made.  We also cannot imagine living anywhere except for here, and have seen many of God's little encouraging nudges with answered prayers here and there, reminding us that this is the exact place that He wants us to be right now.

One truth about marriage that we believe can be learned even in just six months was said concisely by Gene Perret:  "Like good wine, marriage gets better with age... once you learn to keep a cork in it."

6 months down... forever to go!