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October 21, 2012

week 41.

Sunday, October 7th
I would like to personally thank Uwe (from England) and Peter (from New Zealand) for finding the mysterious sweet corn that supposedly exists in Portugal but that no one ever sells. It is so delicious! Sadly, they only had 3 ears, but I bought all 3! High fives to the English boot sale for bringing me pleasant surprises once again!

 Monday, October 8th
I don’t know how a person could choose any season as their favorite other than fall. The simple color change in the leaves is something to marvel at!

 Tuesday, October 9th
Is it just me, or are there others out there who think it’s a little ridiculous that I am having to file taxes when I didn’t earn money in the US in the last 365 days?  So glad I didn’t have to pay – which would mean I was paying TWICE on money that I have earned here! Ridiculous!

Wednesday, October 10th
Snail conference…

Thursday, October 11th
Have I mentioned that I am completely in love with the English boot sale?!?!?  Look at this cute teapot that I got for 2€! It’s in great condition, and helps to add some yellow accents to our navy blue and white, floor-to-ceiling tiled kitchen. Just a happy little pop of color…

Friday, October 12th
Just another Friday night, giving a concert in a 12th century church…

(Listen to my favorite piece by Pedro Macedo Camacho here:

Saturday, October 13th
We had the most beautiful fall day today, so we took a picnic to the park!  Knowing it was our last “free” Saturday until probably Christmas, we relaxed for a bit and walked around in a pretty semi-forested area with lots of small trails… so beautiful! Unfortunately, my instagram photo did not load because I didn't have internet (I thought they just saved to the camera roll on the phone???), so here you have a substitute photo. Do you think this piece of freezer paper that I randomly ripped off the roll looks like Minnesota?  I do. :)

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