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July 4, 2012

week 26.

Can you believe it?  Week 26... we are halfway through the year!  As of Sunday, we are closer to Christmas 2012 than we were to Christmas 2011!  :)

Sunday, June 24th
After having one of these frames blank with the cardboard backing showing through for 6 months, I decided to finish my project of filling it!  I gave up on my idea to cut hearts out of maps, highlighting a city that we love in each, (inspired by this idea via Apartment Therapy), I dug out an old magazine clipping that I had saved forever ago and framed it!  Funny story: I saved the entire magazine so I wouldn't accidentally wrinkle the page after ripping it out and most likely putting it on 10 different surfaces before actually filing or framing it.  After leaving that magazine in the trunk of our car, it got soaked after a rainstorm leaked water into the exact spot where it was.  Thankfully, somehow that page didn't get wet and I salvaged it!  If you look closely, you can see that Luis and I are clinking our champagne glasses while sitting on top of our suitcases, obviously celebrating the fact that we are world travelers. Cheers!

Monday, June 25th
Girl on a moto!  I love it!

Tuesday, June 26th
This is our freezer, just in case you were curious what it looks like.  At first I was annoyed that the drawers made it hard to find things and kind of frustrating to use, but I have since fallen in love with them and think it is a fabulous system. It fits SO many things! (In case you're wondering how big it is, it is just a bit narrower than a standard freezer, but the same height as my washing machine, which you can see just next to it).

Wednesday, June 27th
Seriously, this is like the 3rd deodorant that I'm trying here in Portugal and I sincerely hope that it works.  "Designed for athletes", so that should say something about its reliability, right?  Hope so!  Fun fact: It is rare to find stick deodorant in Portugal.  Most everthing is rollerball.  Am I the only one who feels like it's just sticky for an unreasonably long time after you put it on??  On a sweeter note, anyone care to guess who that adorable little boy is framed in the background?  :)

Update: After doing my best to adapt to the norm and use roll-on deodorant, I have decided that the varied selection and/or low price is just not worth it. I just detest it! Found a regular stick that suits me well enough for now, but I think I know what I will be bringing back from the States the next time we visit!

Thursday, June 28th
If you don't come to Portugal to visit us, you could probably just come for the fresh bread and still leave happy...

Friday, June 29th
I am almost getting choked up writing this, but I descovered something sad recently: a second-hand clothing store existed while I was living in Portugal and I didn't know about it. Worse, two weeks after I found out that it existed and tried to visit (only to find it dark and closed on a Saturday), I found out that it was closing for good!  Like... for forever. Today or tomorrow.  So we rush over there at 6.45 pm (I remembered that they closed at 7.00 most days) and arrived to find an empty store. Completely empty.  Not even one piece of clothing, nor a shelf of a rack. Heartbreaking. (Apparently I was so out of sorts that I couldn't even manage to take the photo straight!)

Saturday, June 30th
I love fresh pineapple, especially in summer!  Do you know how to buy a great pineapple that's sweet and ready to eat now?  The sweet ladies in the Continente produce section taught us the other day. (In Portugal, there is staff in the produce section because you have to weigh and price your fruits and veggies before you go to the register). The pineapple that's ready to eat will have yellow skin on the bottom, and it will be gradually yellow-ish up until about the middle. Yellow all the way to the top will be overly acidic, or too ripe.l Green more than 50% means it's not quite ripe to be eaten that day.  We have since consumed this entire container, and now I want more! Yum!


  1. Just say NO to roll on deodorant! Totally gross IMO. I was warned before we came and brought a couple of my fave stick ones from the states. Love fresh bread! Adorable framed art! Glad the ladies told you how to correctly find a ripe pineapple. The guy at our continente told us a myth (something about if the top leaves come out easily), I googled it and found out the correct way! Awww, so sorry about your discovery of the closed second hand store--so sad. :( Maybe there is another one there somewhere.

  2. I say no, and no forever! I can't wait to bring some back from the States! Thankfully I found some Dove stick at Continente. :) I also heard that myth about the leaves coming out but trusted the Continente lady more. As far as I know there aren't any other second hand stores, so we'll just have to start one!