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July 29, 2012

week 29.

Sunday, July 15th
Pasta and wine for lunch... just preparing for comida italiana!

Monday, July 16th
Our packing method for this trip... tops with underwear and socks for each day rolled inside, organized in order of wear in giant 5L ziplock baggies that I accidentally bought  instead of the normal 1 gallon ones on our last trip to Ikea.  Note: they didn't change the colors of the bags just for fun. Colors represent sizes.  Whoops!  All bags are not pictured, but there aren't many more than this! We're bringing extra bags for dirty clothes, as well, and hope that in our 4 different cities, having clothes arranged in large zipper bags will eliminate hassle and avoid annoying me the 4 different times we have to unload the bag in the 4 different cities we will be visiting!

Tuesday, July 17th
We made it to Rome!

Wednesday, July 18th
How did I spend 2 and a half days in Rome on a college study abroad trip and not make it to the Roman Forum, one of the most famous ancient sites in all of Italy?  I still can't believe it, especially since it is about a 10 minute walk from the Coliseum!  Here you can see remains of Ceasar's palace, the first Senate house, the temple of the Vestal Virgins, and the Arch of Septimius Severus.  It's amazing to think that we can walk through ruins that are almost 1,800 years old!

Thursday, July 19th
After journeying to Florence, we ventured to the top of a hill that gave us a beautiful view of the city!  The large red domed cathedral is the Duomo, and the large bridge closest to us famous Ponte Veccio.  It was surely a stunning way to be introduced to Florence for the first time!

Friday, July 20th
Since it was 2€ cheaper to climb the Campanile tower than it was to climb the dome of the Duomo Cathedral, we chose that option.  And a brilliant option it was, since only by climbing the Campanile can you get this great shot of the Duomo's dome.  (Espertos!)  This also marked the day when we paid 6€ to climb 413 stairs.  Yeah. Espertos.

Saturday, July 21st
After doing quite a bit of research on places to visit in Italy and creating a concourse that would make sense (with all train transportation, cost of traveling during the week vs the weekend, etc), we had heard that Pisa wasn't a place worth spending time in, but since it was on our way from Florence to Cinque Terre, we decided to spend 3 hours there.  We hopped off the train in Pisa and on to a bus across the street from the train station, which conveniently dropped us off at the plaza right in front of the Tower.  And oh, what a Tower it is!  To avoid being asked the question "Didn't you take a photo trying to hold up the Tower?", and also to avoid putting my pasty white legs on the blog any more than necessary (it was about 95ºF the first 5 days of our trip!), I am posting a photo of Luis Miguel holding up the tower with his brute strength, all concentrated into the tips of his moussed hair.  Be jealous, ladies. Be very jealous.

[PS- Happy wedding day to my dear, dear friend Anna (Meyer) Foley!]

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  1. Aw yay!! It looked like you had so much fun!!