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June 24, 2012

week 25.

Sunday, June 17th
So sad to send off our dear friends Cristi and MG at a "See you in 6 months" party, but so excited for their summer adventures in the US, and so thankful they will be back with us in January!  We love you!

Monday, June 18th
We had an event at the farm that our Association owns tonight, (a Sardinhada, where the highlight of the evening is grilling sardines -- heads, tales, and all!) and though I have always admired it from afar, I had never stepped foot in this second-floor garden overlooking the property.  It isn't being used at the moment, but even despite that, it is so charming and beautiful!

Tuesday, June 19th
I remember that while researching wedding bouquets, I found out that black cala lilies are something like $10 a stem, and you need at least 8-12 to make a bouquet.  If only I had known that some of our [future] friends had them growing outside of their front door...

Wednesday, June 20th
My addiction to Pinterest has really paid off in the dinner department, as we have had a plethora of new recipe ideas flowing from our kitchen as of late.  I need to write a specific post about each of them, but I thought it might be worthwhile to warn anyone planning on making baked cauliflower poppers: you should probably not let 15 minutes pass without checking on them, because in some ovens, they blacken quite a bit faster than anticipated!

Thursday, June 21st
I love walking into the house to see fresh flowers!

Friday, June 22nd
Doesn't Luis Miguel Coelho Santos Almeida look so fabulous with glasses???  (Thank God he doesn't need them... we are already praying that all of our future children have his great eyesight!)

Saturday, June 23rd
We took some of our disabled clients for an outing at the beach today and they loved it.  At this time of year in Portugal, there are a lot of religious events honoring the saints (St. John, St. Anthony, etc), and each city has their own little festival to celebrate.  They have what are called "marchas" (marches), which are parade-like events where groups from the same city dress up and perform a typical dance, each with their own musicians and theme.  There were people lined up for quite a while, so by the time we made it over there, the crowd was about 8 people deep and the best photos I could get were by holding my camera over my head and randomly snapping!  Here's a halfway decent shot that I got of some of the dancers... Though I don't know the meaning of it, I really liked the creative seamstress theme... check out the pin cushions on their wrists and the spools of thread in their hair!

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