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August 28, 2012

week 34.

Sunday, August 19th
We went to see Singin' in the Rain while in London!  The seats were high (since we got a good deal on tickets), and photos were forbidden, but I snuck this one in at the end.  It REALLY RAINED on the stage in the theater... a downpour!  It was truly a fantastic show!

Monday, August 20th
My friend Ang took us to her favorite part of London, which happens to include Neals Yard, which was this bright ray of sunshine nestled within a few "average" streets. Loved it!

Tuesday, August 21st
Now that we're back in Coimbra for a few days before we start work, we decided to take advantage of the local farmer's market in Condeixa, our little suburb. It was super fun to buy fresh and know we are supporting the community, not to mention use the new bag that my grandma sent me (which you may remember from week 28)!

Wednesday, August 22nd
Relishing our stash from the local Camden grocery store close to Ang's house... Thought I would take advantage of a grocery store with things we can't get here in Portugal, including bagels, Craisins, onion powder, ground coriander, yogurt-covered rainsins, Nature Valley granola bars, and also Dove stick deodorant and vanilla creme cookies, both of which we can get here, but they're much more expensive!

Thursday, August 23rd
Nothing like using one of the last few days of vacation to defrost the freezer! There was one time that we accidentally left the door cracked open a bit, making a piece of plastic-wrapped fish defrost a bit and somehow leak fish juice all over, resulting in every package in that general area smelling like fish juice, making sorting through the freezer to find something a very smelly event.  We now have a super clean, organized and labeled freezer, which is delightful! High fives for the handsome hubs who did most of the dirty work!

Friday, August 24th
Last weekday lunch on the balcony... caprese sandwiches, wine, and delicious green Portuguese melon!  We are so blessed!

Saturday, August 25th
Stopped by the farmer's market again yesterday to pick up some fresh flowers... Aren't they gorgeous?

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