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August 27, 2012

week 33.

Sunday, August 12th
When you didn't shoot a picture of the day, just put up a photo of your husband and a baby kitten that you happen to have on your phone from last week.  It will work just fine, especially if you make it black and white to disguise the poor quality...

Monday, August 13th
Helping a friend with some wedding planning... this venue was pretty decked out!

Tuesday, August 14th
Sometimes you just have to invent dinner. I don't usually invent, at least not when it involves cooking. I really enjoy recipes with exact. measurements. to. follow. But when you're craving mac 'n' cheese and you have none, you need a little something to make your less than fabulous macaroni a bit more interesting.  I recommend adding pesto. I was so happy to find it at our Lidl grocery store after returning from Italy. I had seen it here before, but not at 1€24 for a decent size jar! I made this revolutionary mac 'n' cheese recipe that I discovered on Pinterest (of course) and found it lovely with a spoonful of pesto added to it!

Wednesday, August 15th
We found wild figs growing in a tree close to our neighborhood while we took a walk today.  Who knows if it's legal to pick them when they are ripe?

Thursday, August 18th
Vacation planning!  Love that I have a husband who loves maps and loves organizing travel folders! (Please forgive the awful cell phone photo!)

Friday, August 17th
After 2 years of being country neighbors with my dear friend Ang from high school, we finally found a way to make a visit happen, and we are so glad that we did!  A weekend in London was definitely not enough time to explore, but how could you even want to leave the house with these two adorable faces staring back at you???  Ang started her life in England by marrying Pete, a brilliant and hilarious Englishman, and almost 7 years later they have planted a church and built a beautiful family.  Who would have thought that two best friends from high school would each marry their own European and start new adventures across the sea? If you would have told us that at drama rehearsal in the gymnasium of MLHS 12 years ago, I'm not sure we would have believed you, but here we are!  So grateful for friendships that span the miles, for shared experiences both past and present, and let's be honest... it's gotta be a tried and true friendship when a family of four in a small flat generously rearranges the furniture of a room 3 nights in a row to accomodate overnight guests on the fold out couch!  Looks like there needs to be an entire blog of London photos, but for now, these faces will probably make you smile!

Saturday, August 18th
I couldn't resist!  Thankfully, I have a really patient husband... and thankfully the photo turned out well, because I can't say that he was completely thrilled when for the third time I asked him to take a photo inside a phone booth.... :)

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