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May 28, 2012

week 21.

Sunday, May 20th
Not since the first Portugal Cup competition in 1939 has Coimbra's own Academica been champion.  Not until this year, that is!  The city erupted after the victory, so since I was already in the city for a choir rehearsal until 10, we headed over to the City Hall, where the team was supposed to show up at 11.  Here we are smiling, because we think they will be there soon.  In reality, they didn't show up until 1 am, which didn't make for a super happy Kim (lots of screaming, air horns, smoking, pushing and shoving, all while standing in a very crowded area, not knowing when we would leave... are you getting uncomfortable yet?), but I must admit that in regard to it technically being a cultural experience, I guess I could say it was fun... :)

Monday, May 21st
Stopped by the mall tonight to pick something up and this window display brought me back to my childhood. Neon is back, baby!

Tuesday, May 22nd
Today I got to be part of an international student project that our Association was hosting this week, as I translated from Portuguese to English for some Polish, Spanish, and Turkish middle-school students.  One of my favorite conversations of the day was with a young Turkish boy, probably 12 or 13 years old.  It went a little something like this:

Him: Are you cowboy?
Me: Do you mean, do I like the Cowboys, the American football team? (Imitate throwing a football)
Him: (Through the translator) No, he wants to know if you are a cowboy, since you are an American.
Me: You mean like a real cowboy?  Who rides a horse? (imitate riding a horse)
Him: (nods)
Me: Sorry, no. (Smile)

Wednesday, May 23rd
I used the bathroom at Luis Miguel's part-time clinic today, and was baffled by this sign above the toilet, which says "Please do not put toilet paper in the toilet."


Sorry, Portugal... I don't put used toilet paper anywhere except for the toilet!

Thursday, May 24th
My husband is a rock star for a million reasons, one of which being how often he washes the dishes!  Seriously.  He does.  And I hate washing dishes with a passion. Detest it. I am so blessed to have married someone who doesn't really mind!

Friday, May 25th
After winning the Portugal cup, our Academica soccer team offered 1€ tickets for a friendly match against Angola, where they brought the cup out on to the field, paraded it around, and took photos on their own "Champions" stage under I shower of confetti (which I missed by 3 seconds as my camera battery died!)

Saturday, May 26th
Another fun night with the Gerecke's and our Brazilian friends... and some pro wrestlers??

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