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May 11, 2012

week 18.

Sunday, April 29th
I was wondering why my tennis shoes were making a strange clicking noise as I walked, then realized that the Roman ruins were to blame... and this is why I wear tennis shoes each time we visit!  Is it a lame photo to choose as the photo of the day? Yes. Do I want to keep reminding me that I have the ruins of an ancient Roman city from the year 300 AD just 5 minutes from my house so that I don't ever become desensitized to the fact that I live in such a beautiful place so rich with history? Yes.  And so... there you go.

Monday, April 30th
Our dear American friends, the Gereckes, will be heading off for a 6-month visit to the States WAY too soon, and we are trying to soak up as much time with them as possible! They kindly invited us over for dinner tonight, and I couldn't resist capturing the tongue action Calvin was working as he played Wii with Luis!  I can't get enough of him, and now that  his little 3-year-old self is speaking Portuguese... I don't have words to describe the cuteness!

Tuesday, May 1st
I love basil.  And I love having fresh herbs at home. Looking into starting a little herb garden on our balcony.  Or maybe not.  I never really enjoyed taking care of plants, and never found myself really good at it.  Our last basil plant, though, lasted through quite a few months, and the few leaves it had when we left for a visit to the States last year even stayed alive by the careful care of our neighbor!  I was so proud, and we loved making hot caprese (mozzerella, tomato, and basil) sandwiches and adding basil to pretty much everything we ate. We used almost all the leaves and were missing her in our lives, so we bought a new one the other day, which I promptly drowned accidentally.  You see, they are pretty touchy, so after going one day without water, all the leaves were droopy. Yet after we realized it was just lacking water, they completely perked up overnight!  The next time they looked droopy, I added a little too much water.  Oops. For 1€29, I felt worse for the plant than I did for the money lost, so back to the store we went. Not even one week later, we woke up to this!  What is my problem?!?!

Wednesday, May 2nd
Apparently these warmer temperatures in Portugal are making our plants more thirsty!  She revived herself with water alone, overnight!  (If only it were that easy for us after a night on the town!)

Thursday, May 3rd
Note to self: Stop buying 2€50 sunglasses at the gypsy fairs. These guys were only 3 days old. :(

Friday, May 4th
I must admit that I am a fairly organized person, but I like to collect things. Mostly notes, quotes, and lists written on little pieces of paper. Mementos. Memories from places we've been. Rocks from the beach shaped like hearts. Books. A large stash of American products to carry me over until our next visit.  Traveling feeds this love of collecting, and though we have a lot of closets, they are deep and tall with few shelves. I read recently that if you like the look and feel of your organizing system (be it you have one, like baskets, file folders, etc), you will naturally like to use it more (i.e. keep your house clutter-free!). Makes sense, right?  Unfortunately, materials to create an organizational system here are pretty pricey.  Until... the 75% sale comes to our local Continente grocery store!  I paid full price for each, but then 75% of the money will go back on my card in the next two months, so in the end, I got each one for 1€79, which is practically stealing!  Cute and functional!

Saturday, May 5th
To answer the never-ending question, yes, we are thinking about having kids, but no, not right now. As in, not trying right now. And will this post probably drive my family absolutely mad because I'm actually admitting it in public, making it all the more real?  Probably, yes. I'm just not ready and we personally both agree that more time together (alone) to see the world and just BE with each other is best. (May I also remind you, we spent just under 3 years very, very far apart! No birthdays together, double dates, game nights, etc. Boo to that.)  There are very few children that actually make me think more about starting a family, though, but these are two of them.  And there are few children I know that I would consider more beautiful than these two, but I chose a photo that their mom took of our backs without me knowing, because it just made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Why?  Because it made me think that my dream of having a dark-haired, dark-eyed baby and Luis Miguel's dream of having a blonde, brown-eyed baby could, perhaps, maybe, possibly come true... if we are blessed with two children, that is!  (Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to come anywhere near those delicious dark brown curls that I ran my hands through all weekend!)  Really great to have the lovely Whiting family here with us this weekend, and we wish them the best as they visit their families in the States this summer!  We'll save you a beach weekend in September!

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