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March 18, 2012

week 10.

[Crazy busy week + crazy cough and sickness = crazy late blog. Sorry!]

Sunday, March 4th
I must confess, reading in Portuguese is not my jam, and especially since Kindle has started a library loan system with e-books from US libraries.  I always seem to have a great library book on my Kindle, and reading in Portuguese still seems really tedious to me... like work.  Nevertheless, I finished my first Portuguese book today, A Menina do Mar (The Girl from the Sea)... only 27 pages, but it took me an hour to read it! (That's with a dictionary by my side and seemingly endless word searches the entire time I was reading).  It was a sweet story, and according to my professora, 1 hour is not long for someone at my level to read something like this... but still... MEH.  Not my fave.

Monday, March 5th
In case you were wondering what is my jam... it's new toothbrushes.  I love them.  Do you know that the American Dental Association recommends that you change your toothbrush once every 3 to 4 months, or earlier if the bristles start to fray?

Tuesday, March 6th
Further proof that I really, really need to blog about the Cerebral Palsy Association where we work... I visited the farm today with our new volunteers, one of APCC's locations which offers therapies similar to those at the Rehab Center, but for youth and adults instead of for children.  It's an amazing place and I shot quite a few photos, but none were as special as these from the "learning farm", where they have a host of live animals.  I love peacocks!

Wednesday, March 7th
It's our lucky day!  Look what Luis Miguel won at a raffle at one of the schools where he does therapy with some kids... headphone walkie-talkies!  We are not sure yet what decade they are from, or if they work, but they do look awesome, don't they???

Thursday, March 8th
Today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday, Dad... you're the best!!!  (Photo circa 2008, apron made by yours truly circa 1991)

Friday, March 9th
When we left the Center today at 8.00 pm it was 19ºC, which is about 66ºF!  I wore a dress to work today and I'm so excited for spring to arrive!

Saturday, March 10th
If anything is a cure for a stressful week and an annoying cough, it's definitely the beach!  73ºF when we arrived today, not a cloud in the sky and barely any wind!  The waves were surprisingly strong, though, and when they crashed against the rock peninsulas, it was pretty spectacular!

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