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April 10, 2012

week 14.

Sunday, April 1st
Staying in, but joining North Point Community Church live, with worship and everything!

Monday, April 2nd
Thanks to my dear friend Sarah, who brought me American (Italian?) spices when we met up at the Power Soccer World Cup in Paris, we had some delicious pasta sauce for dinner tonight!

Tuesday, April 3rd
I made this sign last week for a volunteer event that we had (called "Cha das Seis", or "Tea at 6"), but since the choir concert trumped the daily for that particular day, I saved it for today.  I have to admit it's a little rough, since I had just a few hours to make it, but it's pretty "American" in it's modern-yet-rustic design, so I had to share it for all my Portuguese friends.  :)  And maybe because I just love banners.  And signs with teeny tiny banners, too.

Wednesday, April 4th
I saw these fun twine eggs on Pinterest and couldn't resist such a classy -- and easy -- project!  Plastic egg, paint (because I'm a perfectionist and didn't want even a tiny sliver of purple plastic egg to show through!), hot glue, and twine!

Thursday, April 5th
We filled our day off with errands -- a visit to the University for more paperwork with my degree equivalency,  a visit to super-overpriced antiques stores, lunch with friends, and a visit to a beautiful park, where I happened upon this modern-yet-historic cross with Coimbra as a backdrop... breathtaking!  The Portuguese discoverers of the 13th and 14th centuries were known to use a cross to mark the lands where they arrived, which I think is a pretty fabulous idea!

Friday, April 6th
Do you think Jesus would mind if I used this Good Friday to begin to organize our "messy room"??  I think He would appreciate it; after all, it does say in the Bible,  1 Corinthians 14:33, "For God is not a God of confusion but of peace"... and unfortunately, I don't think that at the moment, we could use the word "peace" anywhere near this room... I think it could officially declared the final resting place waiting room for unfinished projects instead...

Saturday, April 7th
We went to an Easter party thrown by our American friends and had lots of fun showing families and their kids some American Easter traditions!  Other than the few places in Portugal that paint or decorate eggs for easter, they don't really dye many eggs here, and only a few people that we know give baskets of goodies, so it was nice to see some American traditions while away from home!  This was my favorite part of the day -- seeing Luis share the real meaning of Easter with the kids using "resurrection eggs", each with an item hidden inside that represented a part of the story of Christ's death and resurrection, and our forgiveness and eternal life as a result of it. I have quite a few great photos where everyone is smiling, but I couldn't resist posting this one... the kids were SO attentive, and very eager to give the answers to every question Luis asked... even eager enough to get very, very close to his face! (Funny enough, I have had the experience while in conversation with my share of Portuguese adults as well! Close talkers!)

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