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February 4, 2012

week 5.

Sunday, January 29th
I haven't been the best at getting very much sleep lately, so I decided to sleep in a bit today.  My ever-so-thoughtful husband woke up quite a bit before I did and decided to surprise me with my traditional Sunday breakfast of Peanut butter & jelly toast... in bed!  That's fresh-squeezed orange juice there, friends, and yes, that is also a random baby chocolate chip cookie that was left over from a batch I had just made... He must have found it in some tupperware in the pantry close to the peanut butter.  :)

Monday, January 30th
In Portugal, at least in Coimbra, it is not uncommon to see the male staff at the gas stations coming out of the building and pumping your gas for you.  I wish this photo could have been clearer, but most people I have encountered here have a strange preoccupation with getting photographed in public. At least, strangers do!

Tuesday, January 31st
I love sending mail! (Spoiler alert! : Here's hoping it gets there in time for these girls' birthdays next week!)

Wednesday, February 1st
Happy February!  I made these to share with my colleagues and our volunteers (as I am working in the Volunteer Department) and the results are in... lots of thumbs up!  I think my colleagues in my office are a little annoyed with me because I keep bringing in sweet things, but I just can't stop!  (Ps -- as you can see I am putting my beautiful Bordalo ceramic platters to good use, especially the ones that have this heart design!)

Thursday, February 2nd
Since Luis plays soccer on Thursday nights, and recently the husband of a therapist friend of ours at APCC started playing as well, I had the idea to start a "girls night" on Thursdays, just to get out on the town. With a credit card we have, we can get buy-one-get-one-free movie tickets, making them 3.05€ each, so we headed to the theater with Marisa (featured last week!) and my dear friend American friend, Cristi. It was a French made silent film, The Artist, set in Hollywood in the late 1920's- early 30's, and we all really, really enjoyed it!  Here's hoping to make this a weekly or monthly tradition! In lieu of the photo of us that I forgot to take, here's one from the film, courtesy of the New York Times, who gives a one-sentence review that sums up my opinion perfectly: "It may be something less than a great movie, but it is an irresistible reminder of nearly everything that makes the movies great."

Friday, February 3rd
I never really liked guacamole until I had the kind made fresh at your table from El Porton, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta.  I had never made my own, and could never find the recipe I had from a Chilean friend in Georgia, so I ventured out to the California Avocado website to find a good recipe.  It was delicious! Now I just need to hunt down some affordable avocados in Portugal!

Saturday, February 4th
This afternoon, we met up with some Portuguese couples and a few foreigners that are all mutual friends with "our Americans" here in Coimbra, Michael and Cristi.  It is Michael's birthday today, and we surprised him with a little party, suggested by his wife!  In addition to eating WAY too much Hidden Valley Ranch dip and peanut butter cookies (note: NOT a good idea when you're already feeling under the weather!), I also snagged this great shot of Luis trying to reach Michael's actual height and not quite making it, even on his tip-toes!

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