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January 5, 2011


I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I completely adore surprises.  As in, really, truly love them.  As in, my life would be incomplete without them.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness that comes with a surprise and the anticipation of something wonderful!  It has just been within the last few years that I have actually stopped denying that my top love language is "gifts".  My poor husband.   I am proud to say that he is learning how to communicate that language though, even in a culture that I would easily describe as "not very gifty".

Recently, as we have been living on one income alone, we (read: I) have been curbing the surprises that cost money and going more for thoughtful and creative that we can provide for free. (i.e. Surprise!  Pumpkin bars waiting when you come home from work!)   Considering my love of surprises, most will probably be able to guess my reply to the question asked by my dear Luis Miguel a few days ago:

"So... are you ok if I spend $50 for a surprise for us this weekend??"

Umm... what???  Of course I would!!!!  You should know that you don't even have to ask!!!!  Instead of knocking him down with that, I thanked him for his encouraging conscient thought about our finances AND his considerate concern for my love language of all things thoughtful.  :)

I am usually not one to peek, scrounge for, or intentionally spoil a surprise, but I have to admit, I did [unintentionally] see Mr. Luis Miguel printing something later that night and couldn't help but ponder what he would be putting inside the envelope he asked me for.  Fortunately, it didn't spoil the surprise, it just enriched it!  Just before I unplugged the lights of the tree that night, I noticed this, placed right at eye level, obviously to serve as a daily reminder of how wonderful a surprise is:

Did you note the cute serifs on the stems of all the letters? [Someone has noticed that I love me a serif font!]

And worry ye not, O Cheeseheads... I have confirmed that this surprise will, in fact, take place on Sunday, but will not, in fact, interfere with the Packers playoff game.  (Thank you, ZON tv cabo for broadcasting!!)  Again, what a thoughtful man!

More to come!

And yes, family, we will be posting photos from our first Portuguese Christmas this week.  :)

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